Tretorn – Andre 3000

Talent: Andre 3000 (Andre Benjamin, 3 Stacks, Dre)

Clients: Tretorn

Location: New York, NY

Date: May 2017

I worked with Andre 3000, Jeff Staple and Tretorn to shoot a teaser to his collaboration with for Tretorn.  Andre’s idea was to capture this inside of his underground storage unit.  The unit is 3 stories underground, beneath his Tribeca Apartment and is “bomb proof”.  If NY were to get hit by a nuke, he could go underground and hang out here.  His storage unit is dubbed his “White Space”.  The story goes that this is the same storage unit rented out to the Beastie Boys to record one of their albums.  He uses this space as a creative room to play instruments, sing, rap, listen to music, etc.  All of the items you see are what he keeps inside and how he keeps the space.