Habitat for Humanity

A good friend of mine asked me if I would be willing to design a t-shirt for Habitat Humanity x Who is Hussain x Grace Church. Knowing that this was for a non-profit and a good cause, I donated my services just as they had to their community. They spent the summer building homes for the needy and I felt it only right to design a t-shirt that they would wear proudly. Their construction foreman and mentor was Butch and they wanted to honor him as well. They sent me some mockups and I decided to redo as much as I could creatively while keeping the integrity of their respective NPO’s and marks.

For this project, I made new vector files for each NPO so they could have them for future use.  I redrew each element in Adobe Illustrator and created a crest for “Butch’s School of Construction”.  On the back, I followed the banner layout that they had previously used, but added Phillips head screws between each NPO logo to draw it back to the crest and the construction theme.  Overall, they were ecstatic to receive these shirts and I’m glad to have been able to help them commemorate their experience.