GEO – Nail Art Studio

My wife and I literally built GEO | Nail Art Studio from the ground up. We created her private nail art and lash studio from a gut renovation of an empty office in the Kaheka Professional Center on South King Street that had blue carpet and no walls with terrible lighting, but nice big windows with natural light and a good rectangular shape. The biggest issues were some pipes that came through the room near the windows. Ultimately, we had them framed and covered in drywall by our contractor. We drew our own plan, I built all of the furniture, custom barn doors and fixtures from 4’x8′ plywood sheets, laid our own flooring and floor trims, etc.  It was a huge undertaking and we’re extremely proud of how it turned out. I did everything but the framing of the walls, drywall, electric and plumbing because legally we aren’t allowed to outside of our home. I created all the framed artwork, the custom polish racks and shelving, her work desk and pedicure platform.  The chairs and lash table were store bought as well as the circular mesh shelf and mirror.

I designed her logo based off her idea, the website framework and photography.  My wife created all of her nail art samples and wanted them displayed like a gallery.  She had a brilliant idea of laying them on small acrylic tabs that she made magnetic so they could be lifted off as clients wanted them for reference for their service.  Overall, GEO is a smashing success and my wife and her clients really love the space. She has been open since July 2018.